Trigger offers unparalleled audio playback control for your broadcast production.
Broadcast Audio Playback Software with advanced features

Software Versions


£525 + VAT


£245 + VAT

Audio PlaybackYESYES
Video PlaybackYESYES
Image ButtonsYESYES
Maximum audio Track CountNO LIMITNO LIMIT
Maximum Audio Output-Channel CountNO LIMITNO LIMIT
Group ControlYESYES
Trigger ControlYESYES
Touch ScreenYESYES
Keyboard (Hot-Key) ControlYESYES
ASIO and WDM (Windows)YESYES
Reverse Audio PlaybackYESYES
3 Way LoopsYESYES
Static & Dynamic Volume EnvelopesYESYES
Audio Speed ControlYESYES
Audio Tempo ControlYESYES
Audio Button RenderingYESYES
Track RehearsalYESYES
Maximum Number of Cue SheetsNO LIMIT3
Unlimited OutputsYESYES
Multi Channel AudioYESYES
Standard LayoutYESYES
Grid LayoutYESLIMITED (6 X 6)
Free-Form LayoutYESNO
Client-Server RedundancyYESNO
Sync TriggersYESNO
Open Sound ControlYESNO
TCP / UDP Client-Server ControlYESNO
Flexible Output RoutingYESNO
Playback LoggingYESNO
Project AutomationYESNO
Project LockYESNO

TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast

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If you want to use Trigger commercially, you will need to purchase a license, which can be ordered through this website or by emailing us at

Come and join us in the future of audio playback software.

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