The story behind our innovative playback software

Audio playback application for Television, Radio & Live events.

Trigger is the brainchild of Rick Simon, a vastly experienced Television Sound Supervisor.

Rick mixes the sound for television programmes, with a focus on light entertainment. He has worked on shows in the UK, ranging from TFI Friday to the Brit Awards and Britain’s Got Talent.

Rick has also worked as a Television Grams Operator. This is a highly skilled position that oversees the design and delivery of music and sound effects for a broadcast production.

In his work as a Grams Op, Rick was a significant contributor of ideas and features to an early PC software application called SpotOn. But soon it became apparent that, due to SpotOn’s limitations and fundamental dependencies on third party applications, there could be a better solution. Rick required a stand-alone application that offered a faster workflow, included all the features he would ever require and worked well in other playback scenarios too.

So Rick decided to write a new software application that could do all of this.

Audio Playback software that works for you, wherever you work.

Rick was already working with people in the theatre and the dance world and realised there was a need for a software application that could deliver sound in a variety of areas.

The user interface of Trigger is, as a result, extremely flexible. It can be customised for the demands of sound engineers in the theatre, in broadcast, and in a host of other contexts.

Trigger’s reputation is growing in the world of broadcasting, and feedback from clients who have purchased licences has been highly positive. Our clients now include national broadcasters who appreciate that Trigger does everything traditional software can do – and much more.

Trigger has a global customer base including the United States, UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Trigger Playback Software


  • B.D.O. World Darts (ITV)
  • Britain’s Got More Talent (ITV)
  • The Brit Awards (ITV)
  • Bring The Noise (Sky)
  • Call of Duty Championship Weekend

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  • The Crime Thriller Awards (ITV)
  • Dutch Football League (Fox Sports)
  • European Snooker Tour
  • Eurovision – You Decide (BBC)
  • Formula One
  • The Grand Tour (Amazon)
  • Made in Chelsea – WRAP Party (Channel 4)
  • Royal Shakespeare Company: Live Cinema Broadcasts
  • Rugby World Cup (ITV)
  • Saturday Kitchen (BBC)
  • TFI Friday (Channel 4)