Comprehensive and flexible audio and video playback solution

Trigger playback software has been developed specifically to offer the following:

  • A highly user-friendly interface
  • A sophisticated, unparalleled feature set
  • All the capability of traditional playback software – and more
  • A high level of reliability – and redundancy if required

Each project consists of one or more cue-sheets, each of which contains buttons which can correspond to an audio or video cue. Cue buttons can also send, or be controlled by, MIDI or network commands.
Projects can be designed to run sequentially or non-sequentially, making Trigger ideal for broadcast, theatre, corporate presentations or education.
Trigger is quick and easy to configure, with a highly intuitive interface. However, it is also robust and will work with the hardware of your choice, giving you the potential to access unlimited audio outputs, polyphony and cues.

Key features include:

  • No limit to number of buttons, cue-sheets or simultaneous cues.
  • Easy set-up of three-way loops
  • Track rehearsal
  • Configurable static and dynamic volume curves
  • Import audio from virtually any format (including m4a)
  • Sample accurate programmable jumps for performing musically perfect coda “tags”
  • Highly flexible links between cue buttons
  • Each cue-sheet is fully discreet, meaning buttons do not get accidentally “wrapped” to a different sheet
  • Configurable user interface, with three layout styles – Standard, Grid and Free-form – and two modes of operation, Setup and Show-Mode
  • Full surround sound capability, with unlimited audio tracks and output channel count
  • Support for WDM and ASIO including AoIP
  • Fully configurable MIDI I/O including MSC
  • Video playback capability
  • Comprehensive playback logging
  • Can be controlled by Novation Launchpad and DJ TechTools Midi Fighter

Not all features listed above are available with the Trigger-Play! edition. Please check carefully on the Editions page, that the features you require are available, before ordering the Trigger-Play! edition.

Trigger can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, touch screen, MIDI and OSC. It will work with the audio hardware configuration of your choice, providing an almost unlimited audio channel count – from mono through stereo and 5.1 to as many channels as your hardware can offer.

Trigger is highly reliable, but in situations where comprehensive hardware redundancy is required, a second Trigger system can be set up as a server to the primary playback system, providing a real-time back-up in the unlikely event that the primary system should fail.