Playback Software for Schools & Academies

Trigger is as “at home” in the theatre or dance studio as it is in the television or radio sectors. So whether your requirement is for an application that can handle the playback for your school or college’s drama performance, or to give your students hands-on experience of a professional piece of playback software, used on UK productions such as The Brit Awards, along with many others, then Trigger’s unbelievably low price should clinch the deal!

Television and theatre production have quite a different set of requirements from each other when it comes to audio and video playback.

Operators in television and radio tend to work “non sequentially”, often taking their own cues and with the flexibility to fire cues in a sequence that is not necessarily pre-determined.

Generally, in the theatre environment, the operator fire cues sequentially, as determined in advance by the requirements of the production. During the performance, cues are called by the DSM or “Show Caller”. Theatre productions require that repeat performances should be as consistent as possible. So all playback parameters need to be configured in your show’s playback project. Programmed parameters may include such things as playback level (volume), fade-in and fade-out duration and curve, cross-fade and effects. Of course the same could be held true of some television and radio shows, such as continuing formulaic quiz shows or news bulletins. Trigger’s ability to have all these parameters pre-set, means that the operational experience becomes extremely straight-forward and as a consequence more consistent!

Trigger was originally conceived to bridge the gap between two different styles of operation, bringing together many of the common features that are desired by both.

Trigger Playback Software for Dance and Drama

Because the developer’s partner is the principal of a dancing academy, Trigger developed at an early stage, into a powerful tool for assisting dance and drama teachers.

Easily load your music into a project on your laptop for your lessons. Once imported, all the tracks required for your class can be played instantly. Trigger’s incredibly friendly user interface, not only offers quick access to all your music, but also serves as an aide memoir in your lessons and exam sessions.

When choreographing or teaching a new dance, Trigger offers a Track-Rehearsal window which allows you to set several cue in-points within a single piece of music, and to jump quickly between them. You can adjust the Tempo downwards to allow the teacher or choreographer to work slowly through sections of a routine before running them at full speed.

Trigger is available in three editions, “Trigger-Works!”, “Trigger-Play!” and “Trigger-Free!” depending on the demands of your particular task. Check the Editions page to ascertain which is the right one for you.