Audio Playback Software for Corporate & Events

Whether you are responsible for the sound and video playback for a corporate presentation, exhibition or sporting event Trigger can handle your playback requirements perfectly.

Trigger offers unparalleled audio playback control

Trigger can be used to easily load and play out audio and video clips quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Having said that, as your production requirements inevitably grow in complexity, Trigger’s powerful set of features can keep abreast with demands.

Comprehensive Audio Playback Features

As well as Trigger’s comprehensive audio playback features, it is capable of playing video clips either through a vision mixer or directly to screens. It is possible to cross-fade between clips. Additionally, stills and slide-shows can also be set up quickly and easily, with cross-fades between video and stills and vice-versa if required. Trigger can be controlled in a variety of ways, such as mouse, keyboard or touch-screen.

Trigger is available in three editions, “Trigger-Works!”, “Trigger-Play!” and “Trigger-Free!” depending on the demands of your particular task. Check the Editions page to ascertain which is the right one for you.

TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast

Download Trigger today and see how it can help you

Whatever your sound requirements are, if you are interested in using Trigger we suggest downloading a free trial version today from our Downloads page.

If you want to use Trigger commercially, you will need to purchase a license, which can be ordered through this website or by emailing us at

Come and join us in the future of audio playback software.

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