Playback Software for Theatre & Dance

Trigger is designed to be perfectly at home in theatre and dance productions. You may choose to operate your playback software in the traditional linear playback method or, if you require greater flexibility, a non-linear way.

Theatre playback software for theatre and dance productions. Trigger has three Layout Styles with Standard Layout being best suited for linear playback scenarios. Each cue in your Cue-Sheet can be fired in sequence by hitting the SPACEBAR on your computer keyboard. Alternatively, by opening the Step-to-Next Floating Button, you can have a single “FIRE” button on your touch-screen that steps through the individual cues in your Cue-Sheet in show sequence.

Speed Up Your Theatre & Dance Workflow

When loading and setting up your show, Trigger offers numerous tools and facilities enabling you to work more quickly; usually obviating the need to fall back on third party editing software. This helps to speed up your workflow, making set-up and rehearsal less stressful!

Trigger will work to the sound hardware configuration of your choice, so with a multi-channel sound-card you can control the sound to your front of house system as well as stage spot speakers and fold-back. All the functionality that you would require to set-up your production is contained within the Trigger environment.

In addition to Trigger’s comprehensive real-time control over your audio, once the project for your show has been configured, Trigger offers a safe and idiot-proof method of operating. So if you have different people running your show over different performances, Trigger makes running your project both easy to operate, yet difficult to change in error.


In the theatre & dance scenario, Trigger’s theatre playback software offers a Track-Rehearsal window which allows you to set several cue in-points within a single piece of music, and to jump quickly between them. This is designed to help you rehearse a dance act for example. Tempo can be adjusted to allow the choreographer to work slowly through sections of a routine before running them at full speed.

If your production requires it, Trigger offers both simple MIDI and full MIDI Show Control (M.S.C.) capabilities. Trigger also has the ability to play video for your performance. Additionally, stills and slide shows can also be included in your performance.

At an incredibly competitive price, Trigger offers rock-solid reliability. And despite being highly versatile it remains incredibly easy to learn.

Upgrade your professional playback software and show-control software to Trigger now!

Trigger is available in three editions, “Trigger-Works!”, “Trigger-Play!” and “Trigger-Free!” depending on the demands of your particular task. Check the Editions page to ascertain which is the right one for you.