01.31.07 has been released: Major new features include Cue-Sheet Sidebar Panel and Cue-Button Images.

The Sidebar Panel provides and area to the side of your Cue-Sheet that does not change as you scroll through the different Cue-Sheets in your project. This means that you can have selected Cue-Buttons that are always visible, no matter what Cue-Sheet is showing.


Cue-Button Images allow you to choose an image from a pre-defined gallery, to place on the face of your Cue-Button. This can further enhance the user interface allowing the user to quickly identify a Cue-Button’s purpose.

Here is the full list of new features and fixes in this release:

Modification – Environment Options – ASIO Device List now synchronises when loading an ASIO Config.
Modification – Button Properties – changes to routing for Mono/Stereo Audio Cue-Buttons are now reflected in Pan/Balance setting.
New Feature – Fade-In and Stop-Fade now added as an option to Drop Zone parameters.
New Feature – Fade-Out and Fade-In curves and durations can now be saved and recalled as user-defined presets.
New Feature – Project Default Stop-Fade duration can now be set to any value.
New Feature – Optional Side-Bar Cues Panel added for “always showing” Cue-Buttons.
New Feature – ASIO Bus Masters Window can now be opened by clicking on ASIO Label.
Modification – Identical files are now not duplicated when saving a Consolidated Project with multiple Cue-Buttons that access the same file.
Fixed – Button Properties not displaying more than six Trigger-Links… now virtually limitless.
New Feature – Cue-Button Group Count may now be increased, in Project Options, to a maximum of 48 Groups.
New Feature – Preset Button Colour Palette expanded to 12 colours.
Fixed – Error with OSC not being retrieved with undo operation.
New Feature – QR code access, for help on a mobile device, added.
New Feature – Link to on line 2 Minute Tutorials play list added to Help menu and associated QR code.
New Feature – Facility to include images on the surface of Cue-Buttons added.
New Feature – Project Report.
Fixed – Trigger-Syncs not being reset after cancelling out of Button Properties window.
Fixed – Popup Note not working after changing Cue-Sheet Layout.
Fixed – ASIO config file path set incorrectly on first time configuration, leading to a “Corrupt File” message.
Fixed – Issue with Trigger Buttons in Consolidated Projects causing projects to not load correctly.
New Feature – Progress counter added to Status Bar Saving Indicator, when saving a Consolidated Project.
Fixed – Bug introduced in 01.31.06 causing Links to be deleted when editing Button Properties.
New Feature – Warning displayed on Menu Bar when ASIO Bus Masters are non-unity, when project is in Show-Mode.
Fixed – Play-Edition grid size incorrectly limited on loading a saved project (Build II).
Fixed – Cue-Button (rank zero) duration not updating on Side-bar Panel (Build III).
Fixed – Issue with deleting Cue-Buttons when using Side-bar Panel (Build III).
New Feature – Side-Bar popup menu added with options to Clear and Hide the Side-Bar (Build III).
New Feature – “Show on Side-Bar” option added to Display page in Button Properties window (Build III).
Fixed – Bug with incorrect files being indexed when duplicated in a consolidated project – (broken in Build I) (Build IV).
New Feature – Delete button added to the Fade Presets window (Build IV).
Modification – Sort Jumps Button is now only enabled when the jumps are not sequential (Build IV).
New Feature – ASIO now mutes when opening Environment Options (Build V).
New Feature – Warning given in Button Properties window if Audition Output is not valid (audio hardware has changed) (Build V).

Major New Feature in release 01.31.06 – ASIO Bus Master Faders

Offering fader control (and MIDI control) of the ASIO buses on your Trigger system!

Also in this release:

New Feature – Video Window popup menu can now be accessed from the Video Overview Window.
Fixed – Button Properties (display tab) – clicking on Duration and Level Meter objects selected the wrong control.
Fixed – Scroll-wheel zooming over Button Properties, Jumps region.
Fixed – Button Control – <Right-Click> and <SHIFT + Right-Click>, Trigger and Video Buttons not opening Button Properties when so configured to do so.
Fixed – Undo – Show Links.
Modification – Redesign of Button Target selection controls.
Modification – Redesign of Trigger-Link Panels.
Fixed – Floating Duration Display occasionally disappearing when resized to be small.
New Feature – Cue-Sheet – Extra Large tab size added.
New Feature – Hide Toolbar option added.
Fixed – Free-Form Layout background colour restored.
Fixed – Standard Layout Button Sequence can now be set in Environment Options.
Fixed – Paste Special Pan Operation not working until after opening Button Properties.
New Feature – Speed and Tempo values can now be entered directly by keyboard into Button Properties.
Fixed – Midi Devices now get reset in Reset Audio Hardware routine (broken in earlier release).
New Feature – Routing configuration, Popup Note, 2nd Loop and Group now brought in when Adding a Cue-Button from Another Project.
New Feature – No-Wrap option now available when adding Columns to a Cue-Sheet in Grid Layout.
New Feature – ASIO Bus Master Window added, offering fader control of ASIO buses.
New Feature – MIDI control of ASIO Bus Master Faders with either Note-On velocity or Control-Change data.
New Feature – Visual indication (red asterisk) of non-unity ASIO Bus levels, displayed on Cue-Sheet ASIO Label.
Modification – Improvements to the Trigger OSC Protocol Assistant.
New Feature – Slaved Button icons now displayed on Cue-Button Tag Sections.

Version 1.31.02 is released

This release includes the following New Features and Fixes:

New Feature – Project Option to display output device number on Audio Cue-Buttons when in Show Mode.
New Feature – Real-time Slide values (Volume, Speed and Tempo) can now be displayed in the Floating Duration Display.
Fixed – CopyMinder continuous-run check intervals, Environment Option choice was not stored.
New Feature – Hot-Keys range extended – F13 to F24 added.
New Feature – Cue-Button option to execute Syncs Once Only, if within a loop, added.
New Feature – Render Audio, last file-path is remembered.
New Feature – Render Audio dialog window position is remembered.
New Feature – Facility to Render multiple selected Audio Cue-Buttons added.
Fixed – Define Paste Special – Loop/Skip selection not remembered.
Fixed – Grid Rank Label sometimes “disappearing” after an undo operation.
Fixed – Add from Another Project – Select All and Clear All buttons occasionally not making selections correctly in the button array.
Fixed – Project Default Audio Device reset to the first device on some Open Project routines.
Fixed – Bug when inserting multiple Cue-Buttons into a Standard Layout Project.
New Feature – Environment Option to use Trigger: Audio File Preview Open Dialog rather than the standard System Open File Dialog.
New Feature – Button Properties: Duplicate Target Link feature added.
New Feature – Volume Slides – Multiple Relative and Absolute Target links can now be mixed within a single Cue-Button.
New Feature – Project Option to automatically start SMPTE time-code reading when a project is opened.

Version 1.31.01 is released.

This release has loads of new features including MULTIPLE LOOPS & SKIPS that can be combined in any configuration and any number of loop counts.
Other new features include MIDI CONTINUOUS VOLUME CONTROL for controlling Cue-Button playback parameters with a MIDI Mixer.
New OSC (Open Sound Control) instructions  for sliding Volume Speed and Tempo parameters over ranges of Cue-Buttons and further IMPROVEMENTS TO JUKEBOX. Plus much more!
Here is a complete list of the New Features included in this release:
1) OSC Dictionary – Global, Group and Cue-Sheet range; Volume, Speed and Tempo, Absolute and Relative Slide instructions added.
2) OSC Dictionary – Global, Group and Cue-Sheet range; Pause Playing Cue-Buttons and Resume Paused Cue-Buttons instructions added.
3) Environment Startup Option for – New Project from Template.
4) Define Paste Special selections are now saved as environment parameters.
5) Loop/Skip (on/off) parameter added to Paste Special.
6) Jukebox Generator has moved to a Project menu item and Audio Cue-Buttons are now selected by range of Cue-Sheets.
7) Popup-Slider position range has been extended so that it can now be slid off the parent Cue-Button area.
8) Further enhancements to MIDI, with Midi CC volume for Audio Cue-Buttons and Advanced Control for Trigger-Buttons added.
9) Pause on a non-playing Audio Cue-Button now pauses the Cue at the beginning if Project Option “Pause /Resume Plays” is not checked.
10) Trigger OSC dictionary syntax memo added to Button Properties Trigger-Button Control Page.
11) Audio Stop-Fades over Skips.
12) Salvo Control function – Hop to End-Fade added. (This forces the playback position to jump to the start of the End-Fade for playing Audio Buttons within the specified range.)
1) Some Tag icons redesigned.
2) Environment ASIO configuration: non-stereo bus assign disabled in Trigger-Free! edition.
3) Video Frame now always automatically fits to Video Window.
1) MIDI IP device list not refreshing correctly on Search for Hardware in Project Options.
2) Problem with some Salvo Control functions not being properly set from main menu.
3) Learn Midi (RX Level 2) function not setting MIDI Channel (broken in 1.30.11).

Jukebox Generator

The latest release of the Trigger Cue Player software has been published today, 9th November 2021. This release has mostly new features added such as the ability to quickly create a segued playlist using Trigger’s Jukebox Generator tool.

As well as running unlicensed as a Trigger-Works! [Trial], the application can now be run unlicensed as Trigger-Play! [Trial] or Trigger-Free!. Trigger-Free is a limited feature “cartwall”. So now you can enjoy Trigger’s much loved user interface; save and reload projects whilst not having any time constraint.

Download the latest release of Trigger Cue Player software for theatre and live performance now.

Listed below are all the new features and Fixes contained in the new release:

New Feature – Jukebox Generator.
New Feature – Volume curve parameters are now imported when using Add from Another Project.
New Feature – Trigger-Free! edition code implemented.
New Feature – Button Properties “Offset Checkbox” setting is now remembered.
New Feature – Trigger can now be run unlicensed as Trigger-Play! [Trial] as well as Trigger-Works! [Trial] edition.
New Feature – Trigger can be run unlicensed as the new Trigger-Free! edition.
New Feature – Cue-Buttons can now be assigned to a Group from the Tag Section Popup menu.
New Feature – MIDI Rx and Tx can now be copied between Cue-Buttons using Paste Special.
New Feature – Hot-Keys that are already assigned to a Cue-Button are now indicated with an asterisk prefix in Button Properties window.
New Feature – Level display when setting and moving volume nodes in Button Properties window.
Modification – Button Properties window – MIDI page layout redesigned.
Fixed – Problems with MIDI Fighter button colours not always being properly reset when moving and deleting Cue-Buttons.

Trigger 2 Minute Tutorials

The daily updates to the Trigger 2 Minute Tutorials have finished. I shall be adding more videos over the coming days and weeks, but don’t forget to let me know, if there are any specific topics of Trigger that you would like me to cover. You can watch the series (so far) of Trigger 2 Minute Tutorials here.