TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast


“Trigger is immensely powerful when you need it to be, yet beautifully simple when you don’t. I’ve used everything else out there… Trigger is continually updated and reliable enough for me to finally say goodbye to the rest!”

“After using Trigger for more than 3 years, I’m still amazed at the flexible workflow. Our projects are very complex with a lot of MIDI triggers, links and looped sounds… I love how it works! Your support is next level!

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to you for developing such excellent software. It works brilliantly!

“… the software is super cool and is doing a great job on our shows!”

“No words can say how pleased I am with Trigger… undoubtably the BEST!”

“As an enthusiastic user of SpotOn,  working in broadcast, I immediately found that Trigger was a major leap forward.”

“Awesome GUI, excellent file handling and outstanding latency! Really a fine program you’ve created… this is exactly what I need. Your care and concern for your product and customers is unparalleled.”

“Trigger is a fantastic tool… so easy to use. The online tutorials are also fantastic… but if all else fails, just drop them an email and they are more than happy to help. Thank you Trigger for solving so many problems faced by modern day shows!”

“Thanks for all your help and for writing such great software. I love what you did with the As Played log… and having the ability to generate it only in “Show Mode” mode is perfect.”

“I love your product so much… and your support is great!”

“With Trigger, I am ready for any situation… Trigger makes it all possible…”

“A testament to Trigger’s simplicity is that I managed to train a complete amateur to use it for a live theatre show and it performed faultlessly. All in all, a great bit of software.”

“Superb file management and comprehensive feature list… workflow is fast and efficient… it’s very obviously designed and developed by someone who knows the job and operation very well.”

RTÉ Ireland’s National Television (Ireland)

Mevis TV (Germany)

Prolink TV (UK)

TVM Outside Broadcast (Ireland)

TV Skyline (Germany)

NEP Visions (UK), NEP Supershooters (US)

CTV Outside Broadcast (UK)


EMG (Netherlands), EMG (Germany), EMG (UK)

Newsmax (US)

Discovery NZ (New Zealand)

Rush Media (US)

Dock 10 Studios (UK)

Gravity Media (US), Gravity Media (Australia), Gravity Media (UK)

Sky TV (UK)

Riedel Communications (Germany)