TRIGGER! – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast


As an enthusiastic user of SpotOn,  working in broadcast, I immediately found that Trigger was a major leap forward.

“Awesome GUI, excellent file handling and outstanding latency! Really a fine program you’ve created. Since 98% of my work is big sporting events with a quick pace, this is exactly what I need. Your care and concern for your product and customers is unparalleled.”

“Thanks for all your help and for writing such great software. I love what you did with the As Played log. The CSV is great, and having the ability to generate it only in “On Air” mode is perfect.”

“With Trigger, I am ready for any situation. On The Grand Tour, a bit of music was supplied to me that had a drum intro. I could offer the possibility to loop it infinitely until I would fire the full music at the presenter’s cue; Trigger makes it possible to do this.”

“A testament to Trigger’s simplicity is that I managed to train a complete amateur to use it for a live theatre show and it performed faultlessly. All in all, a great bit of software.”

“Superb file management and comprehensive feature list mean I can quickly achieve what’s needed. My workflow is fast and efficient. Being cross-platform is a big bonus as well; it’s very obviously designed and developed by someone who knows the job and operation very well.”

TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast

Download Trigger today and see how it can help you

Whatever your sound requirements are, if you are interested in using Trigger we suggest downloading a free trial version today from our Downloads page.

If you want to use Trigger commercially, you will need to purchase a license, which can be ordered through this website or by emailing us at

Come and join us in the future of audio playback software.

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