TRIGGER! – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast


As an enthusiastic user of SpotOn,  working in broadcast, I immediately found that Trigger was a major leap forward.

Dries VervaetAward Winning Broadcast and Theatre Sound Engineer

“Awesome GUI, excellent file handling and outstanding latency! Really a fine program you’ve created. Since 98% of my work is big sporting events with a quick pace, this is exactly what I need. Your care and concern for your product and customers is unparalleled.”

Randy PekichEmmy Award-winning sound mixer

“Thanks for all your help and for writing such great software. I love what you did with the As Played log. The CSV is great, and having the ability to generate it only in “On Air” mode is perfect.”

Seth MitchellSound Mixer

“With Trigger, I am ready for any situation. On The Grand Tour, a bit of music was supplied to me that had a drum intro. I could offer the possibility to loop it infinitely until I would fire the full music at the presenter’s cue; Trigger makes it possible to do this.”

Huub LelieveldSenior Sound Supervisor

“A testament to Trigger’s simplicity is that I managed to train a complete amateur to use it for a live theatre show and it performed faultlessly. All in all, a great bit of software.”

Ian DyckoffTheatre Sound Engineer

“Superb file management and comprehensive feature list mean I can quickly achieve what’s needed. My workflow is fast and efficient. Being cross-platform is a big bonus as well; it’s very obviously designed and developed by someone who knows the job and operation very well.”

Simon O’DriscollTV Grams operator

TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast

Download Trigger today and see how it can help you

Whatever your sound requirements are, if you are interested in using Trigger we suggest downloading a free trial version today from our Downloads page.

If you want to use Trigger commercially, you will need to purchase a license, which can be ordered through this website or by emailing us at

Come and join us in the future of audio playback software.

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