Installation and Licensing

Minimum operating system requirements:

  • Windows OS 7 or later
  • Dedicated graphics card recommended for video playback

The Trigger Perpetual Single User License is supplied in the form of a USB security key (dongle). This needs to be plugged into a USB type A port on your computer. You may remove the dongle from your computer temporarily and Trigger will continue to function normally, for up to 5 hours. However whilst the dongle is detached you will not be able to save your project.

If you have temporarily mislaid your security key (dongle), it has broken, or you have one on order, you can buy a temporary (software) license through this website. This applies to registered Trigger license holders only.

The Trigger software is available to download free through this website. Once installed, the Trigger application will run in Trial mode for a limited period, without a license, for evaluation purposes only. Please note that when running in Trial mode, Trigger will run as the “Works!” version. If you are planning to purchase a license for the “Play!” version, please ensure that it has all the features you require, before placing your order. Projects cannot be saved when running in Trial mode and the software must not be used to achieve any commercial gain.

The Trigger Software is now distributed as a 64-bit build. A 32-bit build is available on request.

TRIGGER – Audio Playout Software for Venues & Broadcast

Download Trigger today and see how it can help you

Whatever your sound requirements are, if you are interested in using Trigger we suggest downloading a free trial version today from our Downloads page.

If you want to use Trigger commercially, you will need to purchase a license, which can be ordered through this website or by emailing us at

Come and join us in the future of audio playback software.

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