Designed and developed by broadcast professionals with experience in theatre and dance tuition, this software has been structured to handle all your audio playback requirements. Whether it be for television, radio or theatre production, corporate presentation or dance tuition, Trigger brings into your armoury, an unparalleled selection of features together with rock solid reliability!

Available for mac or pc, Trigger is equally at home in a non-sequential broadcast playback environment as it is in a sequential theatre or presentation scenario. The user interface is both fast and intuitive allowing for a much more efficient workflow. No longer will you find yourself repeatedly opening third party software to carry out certain tasks. Pretty much everything is achievable within the Trigger environment. Trigger’s feature-set far outstrips that of any comparable software, with facilities such as programmable musical coda tags, easy set-up of three-way loops and a track rehearsal window providing multiple in-points for any given track. It also introduces static and dynamic volume curves.

There is virtually no limit to the number of Cue-Buttons within a Cue-Sheet and virtually no limit to the number of Cue-Sheets within a project. Potentially a single project may contain upwards of a thousand Cues.

Trigger can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, touch screen or midi. It will utilise the hardware configuration of your choice providing an almost unlimited audio channel count from mono through stereo and 5.1 to as many channels as your hardware can provide.

All this and video playback too!