01.31.07 has been released: Major new features include Cue-Sheet Sidebar Panel and Cue-Button Images.

The Sidebar Panel provides and area to the side of your Cue-Sheet that does not change as you scroll through the different Cue-Sheets in your project. This means that you can have selected Cue-Buttons that are always visible, no matter what Cue-Sheet is showing.


Cue-Button Images allow you to choose an image from a pre-defined gallery, to place on the face of your Cue-Button. This can further enhance the user interface allowing the user to quickly identify a Cue-Button’s purpose.

Here is the full list of new features and fixes in this release:

Modification – Environment Options – ASIO Device List now synchronises when loading an ASIO Config.
Modification – Button Properties – changes to routing for Mono/Stereo Audio Cue-Buttons are now reflected in Pan/Balance setting.
New Feature – Fade-In and Stop-Fade now added as an option to Drop Zone parameters.
New Feature – Fade-Out and Fade-In curves and durations can now be saved and recalled as user-defined presets.
New Feature – Project Default Stop-Fade duration can now be set to any value.
New Feature – Optional Side-Bar Cues Panel added for “always showing” Cue-Buttons.
New Feature – ASIO Bus Masters Window can now be opened by clicking on ASIO Label.
Modification – Identical files are now not duplicated when saving a Consolidated Project with multiple Cue-Buttons that access the same file.
Fixed – Button Properties not displaying more than six Trigger-Links… now virtually limitless.
New Feature – Cue-Button Group Count may now be increased, in Project Options, to a maximum of 48 Groups.
New Feature – Preset Button Colour Palette expanded to 12 colours.
Fixed – Error with OSC not being retrieved with undo operation.
New Feature – QR code access, for help on a mobile device, added.
New Feature – Link to on line 2 Minute Tutorials play list added to Help menu and associated QR code.
New Feature – Facility to include images on the surface of Cue-Buttons added.
New Feature – Project Report.
Fixed – Trigger-Syncs not being reset after cancelling out of Button Properties window.
Fixed – Popup Note not working after changing Cue-Sheet Layout.
Fixed – ASIO config file path set incorrectly on first time configuration, leading to a “Corrupt File” message.
Fixed – Issue with Trigger Buttons in Consolidated Projects causing projects to not load correctly.
New Feature – Progress counter added to Status Bar Saving Indicator, when saving a Consolidated Project.
Fixed – Bug introduced in 01.31.06 causing Links to be deleted when editing Button Properties.
New Feature – Warning displayed on Menu Bar when ASIO Bus Masters are non-unity, when project is in Show-Mode.
Fixed – Play-Edition grid size incorrectly limited on loading a saved project (Build II).
Fixed – Cue-Button (rank zero) duration not updating on Side-bar Panel (Build III).
Fixed – Issue with deleting Cue-Buttons when using Side-bar Panel (Build III).
New Feature – Side-Bar popup menu added with options to Clear and Hide the Side-Bar (Build III).
New Feature – “Show on Side-Bar” option added to Display page in Button Properties window (Build III).
Fixed – Bug with incorrect files being indexed when duplicated in a consolidated project – (broken in Build I) (Build IV).
New Feature – Delete button added to the Fade Presets window (Build IV).
Modification – Sort Jumps Button is now only enabled when the jumps are not sequential (Build IV).
New Feature – ASIO now mutes when opening Environment Options (Build V).
New Feature – Warning given in Button Properties window if Audition Output is not valid (audio hardware has changed) (Build V).