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Version 1.31.01 is released.

https://www.triggerplay.co.uk/download/ This release has loads of new features including MULTIPLE LOOPS & SKIPS that can be combined in any configuration and any number of loop counts. Other new features include MIDI CONTINUOUS VOLUME CONTROL for controlling Cue-Button playback parameters with a MIDI Mixer. New OSC (Open Sound Control) instructions  for sliding Volume Speed and Tempo […]

Version 1.30.10 of Trigger Cue-Player software is released!

The latest release of the Trigger Cue Player software has been published today, 9th November 2021. This release has mostly new features added such as the ability to quickly create a segued playlist using Trigger’s Jukebox Generator tool. As well as running unlicensed as a Trigger-Works! [Trial], the application can now be run unlicensed as […]

Trigger 2 Minute Tutorials

The daily updates to the Trigger 2 Minute Tutorials have finished. I shall be adding more videos over the coming days and weeks, but don’t forget to let me know, if there are any specific topics of Trigger that you would like me to cover. You can watch the series (so far) of Trigger 2 […]