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The latest release of the Trigger Cue Player software has been published today, 9th November 2021. This release has mostly new features added such as the ability to quickly create a segued playlist using Trigger’s Jukebox Generator tool.

As well as running unlicensed as a Trigger-Works! [Trial], the application can now be run unlicensed as Trigger-Play! [Trial] or Trigger-Free!. Trigger-Free is a limited feature “cartwall”. So now you can enjoy Trigger’s much loved user interface; save and reload projects whilst not having any time constraint.

Download the latest release of Trigger Cue Player software for theatre and live performance now.

Listed below are all the new features and Fixes contained in the new release:

New Feature – Jukebox Generator.
New Feature – Volume curve parameters are now imported when using Add from Another Project.
New Feature – Trigger-Free! edition code implemented.
New Feature – Button Properties “Offset Checkbox” setting is now remembered.
New Feature – Trigger can now be run unlicensed as Trigger-Play! [Trial] as well as Trigger-Works! [Trial] edition.
New Feature – Trigger can be run unlicensed as the new Trigger-Free! edition.
New Feature – Cue-Buttons can now be assigned to a Group from the Tag Section Popup menu.
New Feature – MIDI Rx and Tx can now be copied between Cue-Buttons using Paste Special.
New Feature – Hot-Keys that are already assigned to a Cue-Button are now indicated with an asterisk prefix in Button Properties window.
New Feature – Level display when setting and moving volume nodes in Button Properties window.
Modification – Button Properties window – MIDI page layout redesigned.
Fixed – Problems with MIDI Fighter button colours not always being properly reset when moving and deleting Cue-Buttons.

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